The Design Fiction Indivicracy is an ongoing, long-term project by Alexa Pollmann. From September 2015 to March 2016, an interactive installation at the Design Museum London invites visitors to learn the ‘Dance of the Peregrine’.

Originating from Alexa’s research into socio-cultural and hence political changes brought about by technology and infused by the wish to paint migration as a positive and inevitable behavior, the Utopia aims to spark discussion and consideration about what has become one of the biggest challenges of today’s political landscape. Are given governmental models in need to be redesigned? Can dress help us construct a social entity and an acceptance that will bring about political change? Crafting a new world will take efford and time, and designing for one is a passionate endeavor.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss or further our story.
With the very best wishes,
Alexa Pollmann

Alexa Pollmann – Direction / Oliver Wrobel – Partner, Graphic & Motion Design / Hiroki Yokoyama – Video Edit / Paul Steinmann – Composer / Omar Barchetta – Camera / Didy Veldman – Choreography / Kathryn Fleming – Falcon / Luke Crook – Dancers / Jemima Brown – Dancers / Mari Ishida – Dancers / Antony daly Luna – Dancers / Sabin Roth – 3D Modelling / Antonia Huber – Website / Beatrice Bowden – Production Assistance / Christina Jendreiko – Production Assistance