Learn the Dance

The spectacular gatherings happening within the Indivicracy are celebrated in form of a communal dance called Dance of the Peregrine. While competitions and dance-offs happen between the most popular and most talented dancers, this dance is for everyone to join in and often becomes a moment when Settlers and Peregrines unite.

Part I: The Roamer
A repeating back and forth movement tells of the Roamer’s travels between home and a far distant workplace. His motions capture the joy of arriving home, the monotony of hard labour and a strong bond to the Peregrine falcons. 

Part II: The Provider
The Provider’s motions seem to focus on the upper body and depict him virtually linking the Peregrine society or performing the watch of the falcon. It is presumed that the motions are spatially restrained in order to reference his minor relation to territorial surroundings.

Part III: The Recreationalist
The Recreationalist’s motions display the increasing focus on technical support for travel; his part in the Peregrine’s dance references wheels and other mechanical details, while the andante speed reminds us of a hedonist lifestyle and stands in stark contrast to the Motionists up-tempo dance. 

Part IV: The Motionist
Motionists originated out of gatherings, celebrated whilst living in ‘Indivicracy’. Showing the most impressive moves, they feature at the climax of the dance and usually lead directly into the single performances of the most elaborate dancers.